Commercial Moving

Getting you back to business

Each commercial moving project is as unique as the business we're working with. And each has its own challenges. Whether you're a construction company, a pet store, a media company, an office or a bank, it doesn't matter—we'll work with you to plan a moving day that tackles your unique challenges. The one thing all commercial moving projects do have in common? You want to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Moving can be a terrible interruption to business, and it's even worse when there are unnecessary delays. Special requests and circumstances are not a problem. We want to make the transition as seamless as possible, and get your work flowing naturally again.

Whether you need to move computers, furniture, tools, or cubicles, we have the equipment, supplies, and storage capabilities to get you moved and back to work.

Planning is key. There might be lots of assembly and reassembly required, stairs, elevators, difficult loading areas, or your business could be under an especially tight deadline.

We're a local company that's been helping Coloradans move since 1996. Let us help plan your moving day so that you can get back to work.

Working with you, and for you.

When we help companies move, our point of contact is usually the boss, owner, or a manager, and it's no surprise when they want to be as involved with the move as possible. They're used to supervising and coordinating employees and projects, and they're naturally great people to work with.

When your company's property is in another's hands, it can be hard to stand back. We're glad to incorporate our clients into the move as much as they want.

Other times, we work with companies that are simply too busy to be involved. That's fine too. After all, that's why you hired a moving company in the first place.

Every successful moving project is based on strong communication. We like to view it as a collaboration, to incorporate your business style as much as possible.

Feel free to relax. We've got it.

Property is a priority

A commercial moving project isn't always that different from a residential move. As important as it is to care for a family's belongings, a company's property can be just as valuable and irreplaceable. Whether it's a desk with the same sentimental value as a family's dining table, or the computers and hard drives that contain all your company's valuable information, we'll treat your property with the utmost care.

Records and documents, tools and equipment—they're your livelihood. We understand. We have our trucks, dollies, moving supplies, and a storage facility with hundreds of our customers' possessions.


We know how valuable your property is.


What are you waiting for?

Get your move on! CSS Moving can help.

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The crew was really pleasant to work with and you could tell they really cared about their work. I would without reservation recommend CSS as a mover to a friend or business associate. read more testimonials

- Herbert L Kienle, Facility Manager, University of Colorado Foundation