Car Storage Services

CSS moving  offers indoor vehicle storage in a climate controlled warehouse.  If you need to store a vehicle, storing it indoors is your safest solution.  You don’t even have to drop it off at our warehouse. We can pick it up and return it to you when you want it back.

We offer any length of storage—long- or short-term—great for when you're traveling, working abroad, or need to store a vehicle for the season.

Snow, ice, and salt can scratch glass, ruin paint, and corrode metal.  Even a little damage can cost more than the price of storage.

Our warehouse remains in the 60s during the summer, and in the winter it never gets below 40.  When you get your vehicle back, it will be just as you left it.

Keep your vehicle secure from theft or vandalism.  Our warehouse is equipped with an alarm system to protect all our storage items. And there are always employees on the property during the day—every day.

To make sure your battery doesn't die, we will start your vehicle once a month or put a trickle charger on it.  We can even monitor your tire pressure.  Filling your tires with extra pressure keeps them tight and prevents flat spots from forming.  We'll even reduce the pressure to normal before returning it to you.

All stored vehicles require proof of insurance, and registration.

Car storage services are perfect for:

  • Military personnel. Ask about our military discount. We can protect your vehicle while you're traveling or deployed.

  • Businesses storage.  Need a secure place to store your fleet vehicles during the slow season?

  • Extended travel, especially if you rent your property while you're gone.

  • Classic and antique cars. Protect your investment during the wet seasons.  Keep it shiny for the summer.

  • Car restoration projects. They can take longer than you think. Or you have to put it on hold for a while.

  • Motorcycle storage. Colorado is a great state to own a motorcycle.  With 300 days of sun, who wouldn't want to cruise through the mountains on the weekend or to their favorite brewery? But when the wet season comes around, don't let your bike get damaged by the snow.

  • Part-time Colorado residents.  Store your vehicle until you're back.

We also offer:

  • Boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV and jet ski storage.

  • Car delivery: vehicle transport over short distances or across the country

Vehicle Storage Tips:

  • Change and check your vehicle's fluid levels before storage.

  • For long-term storage, you might want to add a stabilizer to your gas tank.

  • Wash all the salt and dirt from your vehicle before storage.

  • Store your vehicle with a full tank.

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The crew was really pleasant to work with and you could tell they really cared about their work. I would without reservation recommend CSS as a mover to a friend or business associate. read more testimonials

- Herbert L Kienle, Facility Manager, University of Colorado Foundation