Moving Tips

Helpful Moving Tips

Timing Your Pack - Start packing up your items early and ahead of time. You will be surprised how long it will take. You don’t want to wait till the last minute. Also start with rooms or items that you are not currently using and can be packed right away. Get a jump on your move so your head is in the game. Be organized.

Box Strength - Make sure to set up your boxes correctly! Do not fold the corners over on the top or the bottom of the box, this weakens it. Fold the box along the seams of the box.

Box Tape - Make sure to tape your boxes securely. Use several pieces of tape. Tape across and past the whole seam of the bottom or top of the box so the tape extends up or down the sides of the box by 4-5 inches. If the box is extra heavy, add a few more pieces of tape across the bottom of the box that go perpendicular to the seam and again extend past the bottom of the box.

Use the Right Box - Use larger boxes for lighter bulky items and smaller boxes for heavy items. DO NOT over pack your box with heavy items.(books, glass, CD’s etc..) Also use smaller boxes for heavy items. Boxes can’t take heavy weights and may give out. Plus its hard for our movers to lift and move them.

Use Your Dresser - Keep lighter items in your dressers and drawers. As long as its not to heavy, extremely loose, or fragile items, its easier to move your items in these pieces of furniture. Shrink wrap the drawers shut so they don’t flip open. (see below about shrink wrap)

Fragile - If you are packing fragile items. Please make sure to use plenty packing material to cushion items. Use bubble wrap or unprinted newspaper for packing. (Don’t use regular newspaper, the ink will dirty your items and may stain clothing). We offer both for sale and can deliver ahead of time before your move starts.

Labels - Make sure to label boxes with fragile or breakable items by writing the word “Fragile” on all 4 sides and the top of the box. This way we know not to stack other items on top of it when moving or storing them.

Pack by Room - Label and organize all your boxes by the room you want them moved into. (Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.) Label boxes on all 4 sides and the top. (This way we can read your notes when they are stacked on top of each other) This will help you when you unpack at your new residence what is in each box. This is really a very important step in making your move in easier. Also it helps the mover and you know where you want items put when we are moving your items into your new residence. You may also want to mark a few boxes in each room “open first” for items you will want right away at your new residence.

Don't Pack Everything - You do not need to repack large items like TV’s, small furniture, sports equipment, coolers, etc.. They are fine the way they are.

Tape Together Loose Stuff - Tape together random items like mops, brooms, lawn tools of similar size, etc.. This makes them easier to move.

The Large and the Fragile - Large fragile pieces of glass, marble, and mirrors, chandeliers, antiques, etc.. Please let the movers re-pack these items for you with our moving blankets and packing supplies. This way we know what we can see what we are dealing with and how to properly pack or crate the item.

Use Plastic Bins - If you have plastic containers, please use them. Pack them full. Plastic containers are very sturdy and work better than a box in protecting your items.

Cleaning Supplies - Don’t pack up cleaning supplies or vacuum cleaners, you will want to do a final cleaning after we move all the items out of your residence

Shrink Wrap is Versatile - Purchase a roll of shrink wrap/ plastic film from us. It does wonders with your move. You can shrink wrap drawers shut and loose items together. It also protects items from scratches during the move. You will find it a very handy tool.

Unplug and Defrost - Please make sure to unplug and de-frost refrigerators and ice makers several days ahead of time. 16. Make sure that YOU re-pack and move your valuables, like cash, jewelry, titles, securities, collectables, firearms, and family heirlooms. These items are expensive and very valuable to you and you should not trust anyone, including a moving company to move them.

Moving Advice:

The busiest times for moving services are at the end or beginning of each month. Make sure to book your move ahead of time and don’t wait till the last minute. During the peak moving times in the summer months, you may have a hard time finding a mover to do your move on the day you want it done. Also some moving companies may offer discounts if you can do you move sooner or later than these busy times.

You get what you pay for! There are tons of moving companies. Do your research. If you find a moving company on craigslist with prices that are way cheaper than anybody else, beware. Usually these are just a few guys that own a moving truck and they do not have the proper licenses or insurances to cover damages. Look them up on the Colorado PUC to see if they are licensed with the state. They also may not have the experience, equipment, or moving blankets, etc.. to move your items properly. If something gets damaged, how are they going pay for it? They may not have insurance. Example would be your flat screen TV that cost over $500 gets smashed while they move it. How do you get reimbursed for it?

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